Letter to the Editor: An environmental emergency

By The West Virginia Record | Jul 26, 2006

Dear Editor:

My name is Tod Burkett, and I am an environmentalist registered with the EPA, licensed government diesel mechanic and working on a project concerning air quality.

Clean Skies is a presidential campaign funding $6 billion toward air quality. Recent tests in California by the State Air Resource Board have been alarming, and we are asking for help. Tests are coming back toxic air quality to breathe, considered emergency air quality.

Over 60 percent of our national parks now have dangerous air to breathe.

All we are asking is participation and press to make national laws, that of which you know is not easy. A majority of the problems are diesel motors and diesel boats.

The EPA has requested more attention on this mater, because of the numerous health affects and environmental hazards, more than 50 percnet of all hospital registered patients are from smog. This is a very serious problem that needs attention.

Diesel fuel additives are reducing smog now, however manufacturers need this to become a law, and the EPA knows this to be true.

Please help support your environment and make air easier to breathe by discussing this further and help change our nation.

Tod Burkett
EPA Activist
Government Mechanic

Editor's note: This letter also was addressed to West Virginia Attorney General Darrell McGraw.

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