This Just In: Ohio County

By Jennifer Fleahman | Sep 8, 2006

Sept. 1
Thomas J. Howard vs. Ann Keenan and Orum Harold
PA-Jerry Sklavounakis; J-Recht
* Keenan, who owns land adjacent to property owned by Howard, hired Harold, owner of Orum Excavating, to install a mobile home on her property. Howard claims that during installation, Orum trespassed as well as destroyed Howard's land, thus ruining any future endeavors. He is seeking compensatory damages, attorney fees and other costs and expenses.
Case number: 06-C-310

Thomas Scott Jr. vs. Wheeling Island Gaming, Dennis R. Beckelhimer and Atmosphere Annealing, Inc.
PA-Jacob Robinson; J-Recht
* Beckelhimer was operating a vehicle for Annealing Inc., a corporation Scott says is unauthorized to do business in West Virginia, when he struck Scott's vehicle, resulting in injuries and damages. Scott also claims Wheeling Island failed to keep the parking lot safe. He seeks compensatory damages.
Case number: 06-C-311

Foundation Corporation vs. William C. Mercer
PA- Paul J. Harris; J-Wilson
* Foundation erected a video lottery room that was inspected numerous times for compliance with the county smoking ban. Each time the room was found to be in compliance. Mercer then charged that the room was in violation despite no changes having been made. Foundation claims it was treated unfairly by Mercer, affecting its interests and being denied constitutional rights. Foundation wishes to be declared in conformity with the smoking regulation in addition to being compensated for legal fees.
Case number: 06-C-313

James Loughery vs. Ford Motor Company
J-Mazzone; PA- Ronald Wm. Kosserman
* Loughery purchased a vehicle from Jim Robinson Ford for $43, 574.25. Improvements were made totaling $391.14. He says the vehicle required five transmission repairs, and eventually was traded in at another dealership for a higher price than offered by Ford. Loughery lost $8,965.39 in addition to suffering annoyance and inconvenience. He is seeking to be compensated the above amount for Ford's inability to repair the vehicle and adhere to the warranty.
Case number: 06-C-314

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