News from September 2006

Two asbestos suits filed

By John O'Brien | Sep 1, 2006

CHARLESTON - Two asbestos suits were recently filed in Kanawha Circuit Court on behalf of individuals who claim a lifetime of asbestos exposure resulted in lung cancer.

Parents, house owner responsible for paintball incident, suit says

By John O'Brien | Sep 1, 2006

CHARLESTON - A Charleston couple says their infant daughter was shot in the eye with a paintball and are blaming the family of the alleged shooter, who is also a child.

Man says workplace accident was result of poor training

By John O'Brien | Sep 1, 2006

CHARLESTON - After having his legs crushed while attempting to clean a machine at a rubber factory, a Clay County man has filed suit against the company claiming he was not properly trained for the job.

Lawsuit filed over drunk driving accident

By John O'Brien | Sep 1, 2006

MORGANTOWN - The alleged victims of an automobile accident have filed a lawsuit against the man they say was too drunk to drive and the owner of the car he was driving.

Suit says doctor performed unnecessary operation

By John O'Brien | Sep 1, 2006

CHARLESTON - A recently filed lawsuit charges a Morgantown doctor from deviating from the expected standard of care.

Case against Mason attorney may see action soon

By Lawrence Smith | Sep 1, 2006

Westmoreland POINT PLEASANT – The beginning of the end may be in sight for a civil suit and criminal charges a Mason County doctor has against a Point Pleasant attorney with the doctor considering a new tactic to get the civil case moving, and investigators shifting their focus on who forged a disputed settlement check.

Man says his heart could stop anytime

By John O'Brien | Sep 1, 2006

MORGANTOWN - A Morgantown man says the battery that powers his pacemaker could deplete at any time and is suing the company that installed it.

Blue Cross, UMW case goes to Supreme Court

By Steve Korris | Sep 1, 2006

CHARLESTON – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of West Virginia hurt a lot of people when it went broke 16 years ago, and leaders of the United Mine Workers of America still think it hurt their union more than anyone else.

Supreme Court to hear legal malpractice case

By Steve Korris | Sep 1, 2006

CHARLESTON – After attorney Kenneth Chittum of Bluefield negotiated $74,300 in insurance payouts for Samantha Sells over a motorcycle crash, Sells fired Chittum and sued him on a claim of legal malpractice.

Calhoun jury awards couple $657,000

By Chris Dickerson | Sep 1, 2006

GRANTSVILLE – A Calhoun County couple was awarded more than $650,000 after a forklift operator dumped a load of trusses on the husband.

Attorney says contribution didn't land him AG's work

By Chris Dickerson | Sep 1, 2006

CHARLESTON – A Charleston attorney says campaign contributions aren't the reason he has been appointed as a special assistant by Attorney General Darrell McGraw's office three times in the last two years.

"Sunshine" shouldn't set yet

By The West Virginia Record | Sep 1, 2006

They didn't just tell us. No, they didn't issue a press release. We had to ask. And when we did, it took them six weeks to get us an answer.

Legal Aid of W. Va. elects new board officers

By The West Virginia Record | Sep 5, 2006

CHARLESTON - The Board of Directors of Legal Aid of West Virginia, a statewide legal services and advocacy organization, recently elected new officers and board members.

DiTrapano tests positive for cocaine; bond revoked

By Chris Dickerson | Sep 5, 2006

DiTrapano BLUEFIELD - Embattled Charleston attorney Dante DiTrapano's bond has been revoked after a urine specimen last week tested positive for cocaine.

Structured sale saves money when selling a business

By The West Virginia Record | Sep 5, 2006

CHARLESTON -- Lawyers planning to sell their businesses or help clients to sell businesses have a new means of ensuring the rewards go to the people who put in the hard work of building those businesses, not the government.

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