Dear Editor:

Personal injury lawyer Harry Deitzler commented in these pages about WV Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse's status as a legal watchdog group.

Indeed, consider what West Virginians might not be aware of if WV CALA were not a watchdog group.

The public might not know that Deitzler's personal injury law firm is one of the four biggest bankrollers of legislative candidates in the state's lawsuit industry.

The public might not know that our Attorney General uses secret deals to lavish privileges on his campaign-contributing personal injury lawyer cronies to file lawsuits on behalf of the state worth millions in legal fees.

The public might not know that our Attorney General took a $10 million lawsuit settlement, kept it away from his clients in the lawsuit and essentially converted it into a political slush fund for the Attorney General's office.

The public might not know that the State Bar Lawyer Disciplinary Board was not pleased with and, following a WV CALA complaint, strongly discouraged a personal injury lawyer from wearing judicial robes in lawsuit ads.

The public might not know that greedy personal injury lawyers had presented in court so-called "medical evidence" from a fictitious doctor.

WV CALA, working with its more than 30,000 members across the state, will continue to make every effort to expose personal injury lawyer influence in our courts and other governmental branches. It's time to bring West Virginia's court system back into the mainstream.

Mr. Deitzler should want to see our state restore common sense to our legal system to help bring jobs to our citizens and return West Virginia's young adults back to our state to work and live.

Steve Cohen
Executive Director,
West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

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