This Just In: Kanawha County

By Cara Bailey | Mar 16, 2007

March 5

Alfred L. Hill v. Bayer Cropscience L.P., Kathy Moore

PA – John R. Mitchell; J – Zakaib
* Hill filed the suit against Bayer, his former employer, claiming he was forced to resign due to an intolerable working environment.
Hill was part of an investigation committee after an incident at Bayer. He helped determine who was responsible for the incident. The individuals were not fired and continued working at Bayer, and began retaliation against Hill. Because of the environment they created, he was forced to resign. He seeks compensation for lost wages.
Case number 07-C-392

March 6
L.H. v. Charleston Area Medical Center dba Women and Children's Hospital of West Virginia
PA – Madonna C. Estep; J – Bloom
* A woman who was treated at Women and Children's after she was raped has sued the hospital, because someone threw her rape kit away before it could be processed. The victim seeks compensatory damages.
Case number 07-C-394

March 7
Marilyn Schechter v. Kenna Homes Cooperative Corporation
PA – Stephen P. Meyer; J – Stucky
* Schechter filed the suit after she fell on sidewalks owned by Kenna Home Cooperative. She fractured her left patella, bilateral wrist sprains and sustained other injuries. She seeks judgment against the company.
Case number 07-C-398

March 8
William Steele v. West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority
PA – Michael L. Glasser; J – King
* Steele, who is incarcerated in Southwestern Regional Jail, has filed a suit against the jail after he was injured in a fight with other inmates. He suffered permanent injury to his left eye.
Steele seeks compensation for his medical expenses.
Case number 07-C-423

Belinda Barker v. John Eye Big Sandy Superstore, Inc.
PA – Charles M. Love, IV; J – Walker
* Barker has filed a suit against Big Sandy Superstore after she was injured in the store. Barker was sitting in a rocker/glidder when it fell backwards and she was seriously injured. She seeks compensatory damages.
Case number 07-C-427

Cecil I. Walker Machinery Co. v. Williams Equipment Leasing, Inc., et al
PA – J. Mark Adkins; J- Stucky
* Walker Machinery is suing Williams Equipment for money owed after Williams rented heavy equipment from Walker. Williams used the equipment from March to December of 2006 and incurred $771,021.90 in rental and associated charges. A promissory note for $750,000 was issued on Jan. 4, 2007. Under the terms of the note, Williams is obligated to make monthly payments commencing on Feb. 4 and through Jan. 4, 2008. Williams failed to make the initial payment. As of March 8, 2007, Williams owe Walker $760,171.23.

March 9
Beverly Elaine Nichols v. The Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, St. Anthony Catholic School, et al
PA – Richard E. Holtzapfel; J- King
* Nichols filed a suit against The Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, St Anthony Catholic School and John Fitzwater. She claims she was given a sexually-explicit drawing from a first grade student and became concerned the student might have been a victim of sexual assault. Nichols claims she was fired after requesting the school look into the incident more. Nichols seeks compensation for her damages and demands an immediate investigation regarding the student who drew the picture.
Case number 07-C-431

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