Starcher's statement

By The West Virginia Record | Apr 10, 2008

The Code of Judicial Conduct specifically allows a judge to privately express their views on judicial candidates. I have never publicly endorsed a candidate in this year's judicial race. I note that Justice Davis appeared at Justice Maynard's campaign kick-off and a photo on his website shows her standing beside him.

Menis Ketchum is a fine lawyer, and we have been good friends since law school. He brought our civil rights play to Marshall University. I have spoken with Mr. Ketchum about who he might ask to help with his campaign, or talk with in a given community.

I am not campaigning for Menis Ketchum or anyone else in the upcoming election. There are other fine candidates as well as Mr. Ketchum. I do think that the voters need to know about the problems the Court has been having, so they can make informed decisions.

I have never discussed confidential Court cases or information with Mr. Ketchum. A check of Court records shows that neither Mr. Ketchum nor his law firm had any cases pending before the Court during this time. The fax in question was a copy of a U. S. Supreme Court decision, a public document.

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