CHARLESTON -- The McGraw camp took a beating in the press lately on their ridiculous settlement practices. And, I'm sure they are all losing sleep over it.

The sad part is that Darrell doesn't care. He feels he has immunity with the electorate and his arrogance and the handing out of lucrative contingency contract to his campaign contributors continues.

It's a sickening practice. Give Darrell money, get appointed as a Special Deputy Attorney General (wonder if they get to wear a badge and everything), and make tens of thousands of dollars and in the case of the Visa/Mastercard or Oxycotin settlements, maybe millions.

What a deal.

What is shocking is to look down the list of Darrell McGraw contributors and see lawyer after lawyer giving $1,000 after $1,000 and all those lawyers looking to cash in at the taxpayers' expense. You have to love Darrell using the office to generate more campaign cash by hiring on his friends and contributors as special AGs to rake in the cash.

But, wait, I do have to thank Darrell for one item. I appreciate it, that if I was defrauded by Visa or MasterCard, that my neighbor is going to be able to get a sales tax holiday on Energy Star equipment.

Now, the price of tea in china has more to do with Visa and Mastercard does with Energy Star appliances, but you know Darrell.

So, Darrell sues Visa and MasterCard. Well, wait, do we really say sue, these jokers in the AGs office never have any intention of taking these types of cases to trial. Basically, this is an extortion scheme using the state government to scare the bejesus out of the these companies who are more than willing to settle the cases and get them behind them.

In this case, Darrell sued Visa and MasterCard. And, the settlement? Sales-tax holiday on Energy Star equipment.

Ummm ...

Well, I'm as confused as you as to what Energy Star appliances have to do with Visa or MasterCard, but that's the deal Darrell and Mojo set-up.

Wouldn't we all love for our lawyer to give us as a call and say "hey, I won your case, and you know what you are going to get as a settlement? Right, your neighbor is going to be able to save a few dollars on taxes when they buy their dishwasher next week.

Again, you have to love Darrell and thankfully in a few months we have a great opportunity to elect Dan Greear and stop this idiotic nonsense that makes Darrell's campaign contributors filthy rich at the expense of normal West Virginians.

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