CHARLESTON -- WVFF PAC, the political action committee of the West Virginia Family Foundation, has announced its sole endorsement of Beth Walker for Justice of the Supreme Court of Appeals.

The West Virginia Family Foundation describes itself as a conservative statewide pro-family organization and affiliate of the American Family Association.

"I am proud to have the support of the West Virginia Family Foundation," Walker said. "Judicial activism has no place in our court system. The last thing we need are more liberal activist judges who all too often seem willing to ignore the law, and instead try to impose their values on us."

In a letter to the Walker campaign, WVFF-PAC Chairman Kevin McCoy wrote, "Beth Walker will bring integrity, fairness, and transparency when deciding cases brought before the Court. Beth Walker's commitment to applying the law proves she will protect our traditional family values."

McCoy concluded by saying, "We are convinced Beth Walker possesses the qualities necessary to become an excellent Supreme Court Justice and will restore public confidence in the Courts by judging cases based on the merits of any given case while simultaneously applying the law and avoiding judicial activism."

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