Dear Editor:

Your editorial that J-O-B-S spells relief for West Virginia is right on target. Yes, that relief comes from leaders at our state Capitol a la tax reform, fair regulations and a balanced legal system.

But that relief also comes from leaders in Washington, D.C., who seem to be doing more to kill jobs than create them.

Of particular concern is the threat to small business from the Obama National Labor Relations Board. These bureaucrats will tie the hands of employers by:

1) giving Big Labor the power to organize under-the-radar "ambush elections" to unionize in the workplace.

2) giving Big Labor the power to form "micro-unions" in the workplace, organizing the service department at an automobile dealership, for example. The disharmony, discord and disruption will kill any incentive to grow a workforce.

3) giving Big Labor carte-blanche access to protected contact information of workers -– their home and e-mail addresses and phone numbers. Union bosses hire full-time union organizers who would be able to harass workers. What employer would want this Jimmy Hoffa-style intimidation in their workplace?

As governor, Joe Manchin asked voters to judge his record to unburden employers. Now, as a U.S. Senator, he can tell Obama to rein in his NLRB bureaucrats. It will be a sure sign that he is committed to J-O-B-S relief for West Virginia.

Frank S. Hewes

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