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U.S. Marshal summoned on reporter at Chrysler hearing

By Ann Knef | May 21, 2009

NEW YORK - U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee Diana Adams of New York threatened to call a federal marshal after a reporter covering a Chrysler bankruptcy hearing Wednesday asked her for the identities of personal injury law firms represented on the unsecured creditors' committee.

$54 million pants fund-raiser eases Chungs' legal pain

By Ann Knef | Jul 25, 2007

$54 million pants under guard WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The owners of a Washington, D.C. dry cleaning business got some relief at a legal defense fund-raiser Tuesday as guests from around the country turned out to help their brethren.

Defense attorney taking on 'manufactured' class actions

By Ann Knef | Jun 29, 2007

Aronoff David Aronoff believes that if more defense attorneys would vigorously challenge the independence of class representatives there would be less manufactured litigation.

Texas judge rules on side of sister paper of The Record

By Ann Knef | May 1, 2007

BEAUMONT, Texas -- Jefferson County District Judge Donald Floyd has ruled in favor of The Southeast Texas Record, denying plaintiff's attorney Brent Coon's demand to question its editor and reporter.

Hearing set on order to grill Southeast Texas Record journalists

By Ann Knef | Apr 20, 2007

BEAUMONT, Texas -- A Jefferson County judge will hear arguments on a motion to quash the depositions of two Beaumont journalists accused of tampering with a jury.

Federal judge dismisses discovery dispute against Jackson Kelly

By Ann Knef | Sep 20, 2006

A federal judge has dismissed a case filed against Jackson Kelly PLLC by a claimant who alleged the firm routinely engaged in discovery abuses in order to prevail in black lung cases.

Toler files suit against State and Supreme Court

By Ann Knef | Sep 18, 2006

William "Tommy" Toler Suspended Wayne County Magistrate William Thomas "Tommy" Toler is suing the state of West Virginia and the West Virginia Supeme Court of Appeals for not making contributions to his retirement and disability insurance plans and for exceeding the scope of their authority under Judicial Disciplinary Rules.

Silicosis lawyers answer questions, another doc takes the Fifth

By Ann Knef | Jul 27, 2006

Attorneys being sworn in before a congressional hearing WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Lawyers responsible for bringing thousands of silicosis cases to state courts in Mississippi and Texas stood by the lawsuits that critics have described as "manufactured for money."

NY trial lawyer welcome advertising restrictions

By Ann Knef | Jul 20, 2006

A trial lawyer organization in New York supports new restrictions on attorney advertising as a means of restoring dignity to the profession.

ATLA drops 'Trial Lawyer,' adds 'Justice' to name

By Ann Knef | Jul 19, 2006

Suggs The Association of American Trial Lawyers of America voted Wednesday to change its name to the American Association for Justice.

ATLA wants to drop 'trial lawyer' from name

By Ann Knef | Jul 13, 2006

To spiff up its image, the Association of Trial Lawyers of America is considering changing its name to the American Association for Justice.

McDonald's blamed for busted ketchup packet

By Ann Knef | Jul 6, 2006

A busted ketchup packet left on the floor of a Huntington McDonald's restaurant has rendered a Kentucky woman sick, sore and lame.

Injuries caused by intoxicated driver, suit claims

By Ann Knef | Jul 6, 2006

A woman claiming permanent injuries from an auto accident two years ago filed suit against the alleged intoxicated driver who caused the wreck.

Morgantown couple sues insurer for denying claim

By Ann Knef | Jul 6, 2006

A Morgantown couple is suing State Farm Fire and Casualty for refusing to pay a $75,000 water damage claim in 2003.

Mollohan claims real estate gains explain personal wealth growth

By Ann Knef | Jun 15, 2006

Rep. Alan Mollohan Under fire for possible ethics violations, former ranking minority member of the House ethics committee Congressman Alan Mollohan shot back at critics by releasing documents explaining his significant personal wealth gain.

'Right Stuff' hero claims children wronged him

By Ann Knef | Jun 7, 2006

Chuck Yeager The first man to break the speed of sound, West Virginia favorite son Chuck Yeager has filed suit against his children accusing them of diverting his pension funds.

Plans for Mason County power plant could move faster

By Ann Knef | Jun 7, 2006

American Electric Power Inc. could locate its first electricity-generating coal gasification plant in Mason County because of funding glitches in Ohio.

Disbarred Illinois plaintiff's attorney subject of child sexual assault complaint

By Ann Knef | May 19, 2006

Attorney Thomas Lakin A powerful Illinois plaintiff's attorney, disbarred from practicing law in West Virginia for soliciting clients, is facing more legal troubles in his home state.

Feds reeling in Mollohan's organizations, report says

By Ann Knef | May 18, 2006

Alan Mollohan Organizations with ties to West Virginia Congressman Alan Mollohan have been subpoenaed by the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia.

Wal-Mart claims plaintiff fraudulently added defendant to complaint

By Ann Knef | May 11, 2006

CHARLESTON -- Wal-Mart defense attorneys have removed a Kanawha County Circuit Court personal injury lawsuit to federal court claiming that plaintiffs fraudulently joined an employee as a defendant to keep the case in state court.

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