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Huntington attorney Williams stays involved in professional groups

By April Bamburg | Aug 11, 2016

HUNTINGTON – For Huntington attorney Marc E. Williams, serving on the boards of various professional groups is just another part of his job.

Hiring rate beats national average for WVU College of Law grads in 2015

By April Bamburg | Jul 22, 2016

MORGANTOWN – Students at the West Virginia University School of Law were largely successful in finding employment after graduation in 2015, and they've topped the national average, according to figures from the American Bar Association.

Court: Blair Mountain's removal from National Register of Historic Places was improper

By April Bamburg | Apr 21, 2016

WASHINGTON — A federal judge made it just a bit harder for mountaintop removal mining to occur on Blair Mountain in Logan County.

UPDATE: Local hearing aid chief asked employees to purchase narcotic, suits allege

By April Bamburg | Aug 27, 2014

HUNTINGTON – Two women have filed lawsuits against their former employer and its CEO, claiming they were fired for refusing to purchase a weight loss drug that is a Schedule IV narcotic for the executive.

School cook injured in temporary kitchen

By April Bamburg | Aug 26, 2014

WAYNE -- A Huntington woman was working in a modular unit that served temporarily as an elementary school kitchen says she was injured when carrying 50 pounds of potatoes after tripping over furnishings in the unit.

Woman claims hospital negligence led to mother's injury

By April Bamburg | Aug 26, 2014

HUNTINGTON – A woman says negligence by hospital employees led to injury to her mother, who had been admitted for treatment of another condition.

Wayne Co. man says insurer owes disability benefits

By April Bamburg | Aug 26, 2014

WAYNE -- A Dunlow resident says his insurance company is refusing to pay short- and long-term disability benefits in a claim that has properly been filed, despite his repeated requests for payment.

Mason Co. man files wrongful termination suit

By April Bamburg | Aug 25, 2014

WINFIELD – A Point Pleasant man says he was wrongfully terminated from his position after sustaining an on-the-job injury which he alleges occurred because he was told to work outside of his classification.

Ohio Co. doctor files medmal suit after knee surgery

By April Bamburg | Aug 22, 2014

WHEELING – An Ohio County doctor says failures by medical personnel to address complaints of cardiac symptoms and delays in treatment led to permanent heart damage.

Couple blames contractor for poor kitchen remodel

By April Bamburg | Aug 22, 2014

WHEELING -- A couple is suing an interior design company and a contractor hired to remodel their kitchen after the defendants failed to remodel the kitchen in a satisfactory manner.

Woman blames Italian festival organizers for injuries

By April Bamburg | Aug 22, 2014

WHEELING -- The negligence on the part of the organizers of the Upper Ohio Valley Italian Heritage Festival and an unnamed vendor allegedly caused one woman to fall and sustain injury at a public event in July 2012.

Woman says negligent construction caused son's injuries, death

By April Bamburg | Aug 22, 2014

WHEELING -- A West Virginia woman says a construction company's negligence in the construction of a canopy used at a Holiday Inn Express caused injury to her son, who later died.

Woman accuses college of retaliatory termination

By April Bamburg | Aug 22, 2014

WHEELING – A former employee of an Ohio County community college has sued the institution, alleging the school's health science application included questions that were in violation of discrimination laws.

Man alleges mine fired him to avoid workers' comp claim

By April Bamburg | Aug 22, 2014

WHEELING -- An Ohio County man says after he was injured on the job and attempted to file a workers' compensation claim, he was prevented from filling out the paperwork and fired.

Man says former employer withheld final check

By April Bamburg | Aug 22, 2014

WHEELING -- A man claims his former employer illegally withheld his final paycheck after terminating his employment, just days after he was injured on the job.

Insurer wrongly denied girl's speech therapy, suit alleges

By April Bamburg | Aug 21, 2014

WHEELING – A Wheeling couple says their insurance company wrongly denied their daughter's speech therapy in March, despite covering the service in months past.

Mine royalties dispute ends up in court

By April Bamburg | Aug 21, 2014

SUMMERSVILLE -- An eastern Kentucky corporation has failed to pay royalties to a local mining company.

Woman steps on water meter lid, falls into manhole

By April Bamburg | Aug 20, 2014

SUMMERSVILLE – A woman says she was injured during a visit to a city park in Summersville when she stepped on a water meter lid and fell into a manhole.

Man says Nicholas Co. officials seized, kept property

By April Bamburg | Aug 20, 2014

SUMMERSVILLE – A man says officers from the Summersville Police Department seized his property without a warrant and, with the county prosecutor, have kept his money without a probable cause hearing.

Md. woman says unsafe floor at VFW caused injury

By April Bamburg | Aug 20, 2014

KEYSER – A Maryland woman says unsafe flooring at a Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Ridgeley caused her to fall and sustain injury to her head, body and limbs.

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