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Judge partially denies motion for summary judgment in Air Evac EMS lawsuit

By Kyla Asbury | Nov 3, 2017

CHARLESTON – A federal judge denied in part and granted in part a motion for summary judgment in a lawsuit filed by Air Evac EMS Inc. alleging reimbursement problems with an insurance company.

CSX files answer to EEOC complaint, denies discrimination

By Kyla Asbury | Oct 10, 2017

HUNTINGTON – CSX filed an answer to a lawsuit alleging it had discriminatory hiring practices. CSX denies the discrimination.

Supreme Court remands Quicken Loans lawsuit

By Kyla Asbury | Jun 27, 2017

CHARLESTON – The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals has remanded a lawsuit against Quicken Loans after it ruled that the jury’s award of damages needs to be revisited.

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