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How Joe Manchin won

By Hoppy Kercheval | Nov 13, 2018

MORGANTOWN – Months before the 2018 General Election, politicos wondered how Democratic Senator Joe Manchin could win re-election in a state that had flipped to red and given Donald Trump a 42-point victory over Hillary Clinton. Early on, Manchin was tagged with the “vulnerable Democrat” label.

Robin Davis’s tone deaf parting shots

By Hoppy Kercheval | Aug 28, 2018

MORGANTOWN – The opening sentences of Robin Davis’s letter of resignation as a state Supreme Court Justice read as follows: “I deliver this statement today in dismay, disbelief, and in sadness. I feel profound grief for the State of West Virginia given the current state of affairs.”

Allen Loughry and 'The Sordid and Continuing History of Political Corruption in WV'

By Hoppy Kercheval | Jun 12, 2018

MORGANTOWN – One of the books in my office that I reference often is by Allen Loughry. “Don’t Buy Another Vote. I Won’t Pay for a Landslide. The Sordid and Continuing History of Political Corruption in West Virginia.”

Speculation rampant over Supreme Court investigation

By Hoppy Kercheval | May 29, 2018

CHARLESTON – The State Capitol was buzzing with speculation and rumors last week about the West Virginia Supreme Court and a federal grand jury investigation. Reporters were busy trying to separate fact from fiction, and that was a challenge.

Supreme Court spending controversy triggers shake-up

By Hoppy Kercheval | Feb 20, 2018

MORGANTOWN – West ​Virginia MetroNews statewide correspondent Brad McElhinny reported last Friday, “a rumor has been circulating in recent days that federal authorities have been interviewing (State Supreme) Court officials.”

2018 GOP primary for U.S. Senate race heats up early

By Hoppy Kercheval | Jul 18, 2017

MORGANTOWN – West Virginia’s political migration from blue to red means the Republican Party increasingly faces prospects of contested Primary Elections. Last week, West Virginia Wesleyan Political Science Professor Robert Rupp wrote, “As recently as a decade ago the idea of a contentious Republican primary was unthinkable given the weak state of the GOP state party.”

Justice Walker's spotlight moment

By Hoppy Kercheval | May 9, 2017

CHARLESTON – The West Virginia State Supreme Court is revisiting a controversial decision made last year impacting the amount of money natural gas companies pay to certain royalty owners.

What a bunch of bulls__t

By Hoppy Kercheval | Apr 18, 2017

CHARLESTON – You could see what might be coming.

President Trump ends 'War on Coal'

By Hoppy Kercheval | Apr 4, 2017

CHARLESTON – President Trump failed in his attempt to fulfill a campaign promise to replace ObamaCare, but he has made good on his pledge to get the EPA’s foot off the throat of the coal industry.

Manchin stands, while Dems sit on their hands

By Hoppy Kercheval | Mar 7, 2017

MORGANTOWN – There were times during President Trump’s recent speech to Congress when Senator Joe Manchin stood alone among Democrats to applaud.

Can state government be 'rightsized?'

By Hoppy Kercheval | Jan 3, 2017

MORGANTOWN – As Governor-elect Jim Justice and lawmakers prepare for what is expected to be a challenging session of the Legislature, the term “rightsizing government” is being tossed around.

Trump's appointment of Pruitt will bring EPA back in line

By Hoppy Kercheval | Dec 20, 2016

MORGANTOWN – The environmental left is apoplectic over President-elect Donald Trump’s choice of Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Outgoing Justice Benjamin strikes a libertarian chord

By Hoppy Kercheval | Dec 6, 2016

MORGANTOWN – Outgoing state Supreme Court Justice Brent Benjamin has always had a libertarian lean.

How third-party candidates affect (sometimes) races in W.Va.

By Hoppy Kercheval | Sep 21, 2016

MORGANTOWN – The leading candidates in the West Virginia Governor’s race are Democrat Jim Justice and Republican Bill Cole.

West Virginia settles in for long-term flood recovery

By Hoppy Kercheval | Jul 26, 2016

MORGANTOWN – The raging flood waters of a month ago have long since retreated and hundreds of tons of debris have been collected and hauled away, but in some ways the arduous and expensive recovery is just beginning.

This year, we really need a few gubernatorial debates

By Hoppy Kercheval | May 31, 2016

MORGANTOWN – The field has just been set for the governor’s race in West Virginia, and we already have a debate about debates.

Why it's important to listen to Bo Copley

By Hoppy Kercheval | May 10, 2016

MORGANTOWN – Presidential campaign stops and stump speeches become a blur after awhile, but occasionally there is a moment of intense clarity, a comment or circumstance where sharp focus is brought to bear on what the election is really about.

Jim Justice dogged by property tax issue

By Hoppy Kercheval | Oct 14, 2015

MORGANTOWN – Opponents of West Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jim Justice made sure the press saw the story in the Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader newspaper. “Coal companies controlled by a billionaire running for Governor of West Virginia owe $3.5 million in delinquent property taxes in Eastern Kentucky, shortchanging schools and other public agencies at a time many are struggling.”

New prevailing wage rates, same old problems

By Hoppy Kercheval | Oct 6, 2015

MORGANTOWN – West Virginia’s political leaders, contractors and labor representatives have been arguing for months now over prevailing wage, the hourly pay and benefits that the state determines should be paid to workers on state taxpayer-funded projects.

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