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Fools Gold Energy faces suit for allegedly not paying invoice

LOGAN – A Mallory company is taking Fools Gold Energy to court over allegedly unpaid invoices.

Virco accused of unlawful debt collection

BECKLEY – A West Virginia woman is seeking the court’s help in getting relief from Virco’s alleged annoying and abusive debt collection practices.

UPS sued over alleged damages after I-70 accident

WHEELING – A Triadelphia family is filing a suit against UPS and one of its drivers after a vehicle accident that allegedly led to injuries.

Blind career counselor claims she was the victim of human rights violations

CHARLESTON – A blind career counselor is taking her former employer, Horizons Youth Services, to court over what she claims was a discriminatory act by the group.

Quickbooks creator accused of breach of contract

WHEELING – An individual and two Ohio County companies are seeking damages from Intuit over claims that Intuit failed to process direct deposit transactions in a timely manner.

Construction company claims invoice not paid

WINFIELD — A construction company is suing a storage company over allegations of an unpaid bill.

Man claims ice at apartment complex led to injuries

PRINCETON — A resident of Mercer County is suing the owners/operators of an apartment complex for damages he allegedly incurred when he fell on ice.

Former employee claims Quality Bake Shoppe was negligent in maintaining premises

MOUNDSVILLE – A former employee of Quality Bake Shoppe is suing the company after he allegedly fell on a set of stairs.

Huntington National Bank goes to court to get JP Morgan to release deed

WINFIELD – A bank is going to court to seek a release of a deed of trust from JP Morgan Chase Bank.

Family accuses Mon Power of building power lines on private property

KINGWOOD – A family is suing Mon Power Company, alleging that the company did not get permission or the rights to build power lines on its property.

Suit claims Panthera Training Center hasn't paid debt

MOORFIELD – A lumber company is seeking payments from the Panthera Training Center in Old Fields for an alleged past due account.

Woman claims TLK fired her after she complained about sexual harassment

HUNTINGTON – A former employee of TLK Group LLC is suing the company and one of its employees, claiming she was fired after filing a sexual harassment complaint.

Asthmatic alleges state failed to accommodate her disability

CHARLESTON – A woman with acute asthma sued the West Virginia Department of Education and Arts (WVDEA) after the state allegedly failed to accommodate her disability.

Alleged allergy to surgical tape results in suit against Saint Francis Hospital

CHARLESTON – A patient of Saint Francis Hospital, who is allergic to surgical tape, claims that the hospital acted negligently when they applied the tape to her following surgery.

Charleston dentist accused of negligence in crown work gone bad

CHARLESTON – A patient is suing her dentist after a procedure allegedly went wrong.  

Man claims brain injury after falling on ice at Pizza Station

ST. MARYS – A man who slipped and fell on ice outside of a pizza restaurant claims to have suffered a mild brain injury and is seeking damages from the restaurant.

Mom claims defective light fixture fell onto infant

A homeowner is suing a home manufacturer and financier over claims of negligence after a glass light fixture allegedly fell onto her 11-month-old child.

Snowplow driver fights seizure of truck

The owner of a landscaping and snow removal service is suing the Monongalia County Commission, the county sheriff and a deputy sheriff over what he claims is the improper seizure of his truck.

Veteran, wife sue Wells Fargo in foreclosure fight

A wounded veteran and his wife are seeking damages from Wells Fargo over what they claim was an aggressive pursuit of foreclosure by the bank.

Woman claims bottle injured her at Wal-Mart

A Wal-Mart shopper claims the company is responsible for injuries she allegedly suffered when a two-liter bottle fell on her foot.