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THEIR VIEW: Session shows need for leadership

By The West Virginia Record | Mar 16, 2011

CHARLESTON -- The recently adjourned legislative session reinforces my belief that West Virginia is in dire need of true leadership.

THEIR VIEW: Legislative session damaged West Virginia

By The West Virginia Record | Mar 16, 2011

CHARLESTON -- The 2011 Legislative Session was not only a failure, but also damaging to the perception of West Virginia for those that might consider this as a possible destination to locate their business.

THEIR VIEW: Get W.Va. working again

By The West Virginia Record | Mar 10, 2011

CHARLESTON -- I am an eighth generation West Virginian who loves this state and wants nothing more than to make it better for future generations.

THEIR VIEW: W.Va. companies shine across the globe

By The West Virginia Record | Mar 10, 2011

CHARLESTON -- Time and again, I've said West Virginia is a great place to do business.

THEIR VIEW: Cap on damages helps health care

By The West Virginia Record | Mar 2, 2011

CHARLESTON -- George Santayana, the early-20th-century philosopher, famously observed, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." His profound remark might easily apply to West Virginia.

THEIR VIEW: What Reagan really said about tort reform

By The West Virginia Record | Mar 2, 2011

WASHINGTON -- During the recent 100th anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan, we read many tributes to him and re-read many of his greatest speeches.

THEIR VIEW: The unconstitutionality of federal limits on health care lawsuits

By The West Virginia Record | Feb 24, 2011

WASHINGTON -- "I think it's a violation of the 10th Amendment, and I don't believe the Federal Government has any more authority to regulate health care under the Commerce Clause than it does to regulate liability caps in states under the Commerce Clause."

THEIR VIEW: MyTaxes is a tool for businesses

By The West Virginia Record | Feb 17, 2011

CHARLESTON -- Many West Virginia businesses are determined to operate as efficiently as possible, but sometimes efficiencies are hard to find.

THEIR VIEW: 'Independent' Gulf spill claims fund a BP subsidiary

By The West Virginia Record | Feb 11, 2011

WASHINGTON -- A recent ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Carl Barbier proves what victims of the unprecedented Deepwater Horizon spill have claimed for months: the so-called "independent" Gulf Coast Claims Facility is anything but a neutral arbitrator or mediator.

THEIR VIEW: Robert C. Byrd holiday not needed

By The West Virginia Record | Feb 3, 2011

CHARLESTON -- During the West Virginia Legislature's regular session, there are a few ideas that are good, many that are bad, and some that just make you scratch your head.

THEIR VIEW: Tea Party, conversatives should oppose medmal limits

By The West Virginia Record | Jan 27, 2011

WASHINGTON -- In his State of the Union speech, President Obama indicated his support for some type of federal law limiting lawsuits for medical malpractice.

THEIR VIEW: A big shift in W.Va. for GOP in 2010

By The West Virginia Record | Jan 27, 2011

CHARLESTON -- Everyone will remember 2010 for being an eventful political year in West Virginia. Senator Byrd's passing leaving major succession questions for both the U.S. Senate seat and ultimately for Governor.

THEIR VIEW: The framers were not stupid!

By The West Virginia Record | Jan 20, 2011

CHARLESTON -- Because the Framers of our State Constitution are no longer around to defend themselves I have decided to step up to the plate on their behalf and scream what I believe they would say today if still in our midst: "We are not stupid! We knew what we were doing! Read the damn Constitution!"

THEIR VIEW: Drama under the Capitol dome

By The West Virginia Record | Jan 13, 2011

CHARLESTON -- For all the talk about courts overstepping their bounds and legislating, West Virginia Supreme Court Justices are sounding like the last thing they want to do is get into the law making business these days.

THEIR VIEW: Together we can make a real difference

By The West Virginia Record | Jan 6, 2011

CHARLESTON -- I ran for the U.S. Senate to make a meaningful difference, to bring commonsense values to Washington and, above all else, to stand up for West Virginia families and our way of life.

THEIR VIEW: Suing the state over Medicaid

By The West Virginia Record | Dec 22, 2010

BECKLEY -- Beckley ARH Hospital and its parent organization, Appalachian Regional Healthcare Inc. took a step in November that we wish we did not have to take. We issued a notice that we intend to sue the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources and the DHHR's Bureau for Medical Services over inadequate Medicaid reimbursement rates.

THEIR VIEW: Write Santa, but call your lawyer

By The West Virginia Record | Dec 16, 2010

MORGANTOWN -- It's that wonderful time of year. You know, when America descends into arguing over Christmas decorations.

THEIR VIEW: Football should be played on field, not in court

By The West Virginia Record | Dec 9, 2010

MORGANTOWN -- A West Virginia high school football game, it turns out, should be settled on the field and not in a courtroom.

THEIR VIEW: Study will analyze tourism action plan

By The West Virginia Record | Dec 2, 2010

Browning CHARLESTON -- With economic development and job creation in the forefront of his state priorities, a comprehensive study to analyze an action plan regarding the tourism industry in West Virginia has begun.

THEIR VIEW: Manchin's aim is true, but more ammo needed

By The West Virginia Record | Nov 23, 2010

MORGANTOWN -- West Virginia got some good news recently from the state's newest U.S. Senator. Sen. Joe Manchin told reporters that he had assurances from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that cap-and-trade would not be taken up by the next Congress.

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