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Parents sue Cabell school board, mother for son's gym injury

HUNTINGTON – The parents of a student allegedly injured during gym class are suing.

Cabell deed dispute leads to lawsuit

HUNTINGTON -- A dispute over the deed to a lot in Huntington has led to a lawsuit.

Woman accuses American Eagle of having camera in changing room

HUNTINGTON -- A woman is suing after allegedly discovering a camera while using the changing room at a Barboursville clothing retailer.

Estate blames hospital, doctors for negligent care of suicidal patient

HUNTINGTON -- The administrator of a deceased man's estate has filed suit against several medical professionals after they allegedly failed to provide proper psychiatric care.

Woman blames KRT, driver for accident injuries

CHARLESTON -- A woman is suing after allegedly being injured while a passenger on a public bus.

Woman says she slipped, fell on floor mat at Go-Mart

CHARLESTON -- A woman is suing after she allegedly tripped on a floor mat at a convenience store.

Ohio woman hurt by phone cord at hospital

CHARLESTON -- An Ohio woman is suing after she allegedly was injured while visiting her mother at a hospital.

Beckley woman files suits after two accidents

CHARLESTON -- A Beckley woman is suing after allegedly being injured in two different vehicle accidents.

Widow blames lumber company for husband's death

CHARLESTON -- The wife of a deceased man is suing after he allegedly was killed while trying to deliver lumber.

Walker Machinery says recycling company owes money

CHARLESTON -- A recycling company is being sued for allegedly not paying most of an outstanding account.

HR worker says HEPC didn't pay last wages in time

CHARLESTON -- A former human resources professional is suing after his employer allegedly failed to pay his final check in a timely manner.

Woman sues nursing home over injuries

CHARLESTON -- A woman has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a former nursing home resident who was allegedly injured during her stay.

Nurse names medical center in retaliatory discharge suit

HUNTINGTON -- A former nurse is suing, stating she was terminated for filing a grievance against a fellow employee.

Woman says she slipped, fell in hospital cafeteria

HUNTINGTON -- A woman is suing after allegedly slipping and falling in a hospital cafeteria.

Cabell woman blames apartment owner for injuries

HUNTINGTON -- An apartment complex owner faces a lawsuit for negligence after a former tenant was allegedly injured.

Route 10 wreck results in lawsuit

HUNTINGTON -- A driver and passenger were allegedly severely injured when another vehicle allegedly crossed the center line in Barboursville.

Man says he was injured on faulty car wash drain

HUNTINGTON -- An allegedly defective drain has prompted a lawsuit in Cabell County.

Doctor botched man's kidney surgery, couple claims

CHARLESTON -- A Holden man is suing the surgeon who allegedly injured him during a kidney operation.

Former DOT worker files wrongful termination suit

CHARLESTON -- A former West Virginia Department of Transportation employee is suing after the agency allegedly refused to let him rescind a resignation letter.

Woman claims doctor missed breast mass

CHARLESTON -- A Charleston doctor is being sued for medical negligence.