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Estate claims negligence led to death of 81-year-old woman

PRINCETON – An estate's executor is suing over allegations that a wrongful death was caused by the negligence of several parties.

Bluefield claims leaseholder continues to deny access, accrue fines

PRINCETON – A municipality is suing over a commercial leaseholder's alleged refusal to occupy an empty building and pay a fine based on that unoccupied status.

Plaintiff claims negligence by two defendants resulted in crash

NEW CUMBERLAND – The driver of a motor vehicle is suing for damages allegedly resulting from an automobile crash.

Plaintiff claims recklessness, negligence led to crash injuries

WEST UNION – A Doddridge County woman is suing over injuries she received during a highway crash.

Plaintiff claims driver followed too closely, caused accident

PRINCETON – A motorist is suing over injuries she received when a driver allegedly crashed into the rear of her vehicle.

School board claims deficient work in construction projectt

NEW CUMBERLAND – A school board is suing six defendants over allegedly unsatisfactory work on a new school construction project that cost $6.85 million.

Plaintiff claims motorist negligently collided with his vehicle

FAYETTEVILLE – A motorist is suing over injuries he alleges he suffered when another driver collided with his vehicle.

Plaintiff claims former employer didn't pay her on time

WHEELING – An Ohio woman is suing her former employer for allegedly not providing her final paycheck within the statutory time frame.

Nationwide seeks repayment of settlement after fire

WHEELING – An insurance company is suing to recover a payout it made to a restaurant after a fire that occurred due the defendant's alleged negligence.

Potomac Edison claims negligent driver caused property damage

KEYSER – A West Virginia utility company is suing over damages to its property that allegedly occurred during a truck crash.

Plaintiff claims Prudence Auto Sales sold her a defective Hummer

FAYETTEVILLE – A Fayette County consumer is suing over a car dealer refusing to accept the return of a defective motor vehicle.

Pair claim negligence in delivery and installation of manufactured home

BECKLEY – Married homeowners are suing the manufacturer of their modular home, alleging delivery that damaged the home and incomplete installation of the dryer vent.

Plaintiff claims motorist drove recklessly in Wheeling Tunnel

WHEELING – A Pennsylvania motorist is suing over injuries she allegedly suffered in the course of a motor vehicle collision.

Plaintiff claims Citifinancial engaged in predatory lending

FAYETTEVILLE – The son of a deceased property owner is suing over alleged predatory lending practices by the defendant.

Plaintiff claims impaired driver caused accident, injuries

CHARLESTON – The passenger in a motor vehicle is suing the driver of another vehicle over injuries he allegedly received during a collision.

Trustee claims defendants owe trust fund $3 million

CHARLESTON – The trustee of a creditors trust is suing over an alleged non-payment of $3 million into the fund, as is purportedly stipulated under a bankruptcy agreement.

Lighting operation claims company owes $21,000

MOOREFIELD – A lighting company is suing over alleged nonpayment of a bill for items purchased by the defendant on credit.

Student says injuries tied to lack of supervision

FAYETTEVILLE – A high school student is suing over injuries that he alleges occurred when he was allowed to leave the school building without supervision.

Driver claims psychological trauma among damages from collision

RIPLEY – A female motorist and her spouse are suing over alleged continuing damages resulting from an automobile collision.

Widow claims negligence in electrocution death of her husband

CHARLESTON – The widow of a man who was electrocuted on the job is suing over his alleged wrongful death.