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Pizza company claims buyer defaulted on payments

By Annie Hunt | Mar 23, 2016

BECKLEY — A pizza and grill company is suing another company for allegations of defaulting on payments to purchase assets.

Attorney sues cabinet maker for alleged breach of contract

By Annie Hunt | Mar 22, 2016

BECKLEY — A man is suing a cabinet maker over claims that he put down a deposit on a contract that was never fulfilled.

Couple's lawsuit against real estate agency alleges misrepresentation

By Annie Hunt | Mar 22, 2016

LOGAN — A couple's lawsuit against a real estate agency alleges the firm misrepresented the quality of a house they purchased, which they claim is infested with bats and a poor sewage system.

Couple accuse doctor of negligence in breast cancer treatment

By Annie Hunt | Mar 21, 2016

CHARLESTON — A woman and her husband are suing Integrated Health Care and a physician for allegations of negligence and improper treatment regarding her breast cancer surgery.

Woman alleges Primecare Medical's negligence caused inmate's death

By Annie Hunt | Mar 18, 2016

CHARLESTON – A woman is filing a lawsuit against Primecare Medical of West Virginia over claims that its negligence caused the death of an inmate at Eastern Regional Jail.

Woman sues over alleged tantrum by boss at parts supply company

By Annie Hunt | Mar 18, 2016

CHARLESTON — A Charleston woman who formerly worked for Power Parts Supply is suing over allegations of assault and discrimination.

Woman sues Wal-Mart, alleging slander and defamation of her family

By Annie Hunt | Jan 16, 2016

PINEVILLE – A Wyoming County woman is suing Walmart on behalf of her child over allegations of deceitful business practices and intentional slander against their family.

Mercer woman says Bill Cole Automotive breached warranties

By Annie Hunt | Jan 14, 2016

PRINCETON – A Mercer County woman claims an allegedly defective starter mechanism on a vehicle she purchased from Bill Cole AutoMall still hasn't been repaired after multiple attempts.

Woman sues Chrysler over vehicle vibration claims

By Annie Hunt | Jan 13, 2016

PRINCETON – A Mercer County woman is suing a Chrysler manufacturer, alleging a car she purchased was defective, despite attempts to repair the vehicle.

Couple claims man's termination from Metsch Refractories violates WVHRA

By Annie Hunt | Jan 12, 2016

NEW CUMBERLAND – An Ohio couple is suing Metsch Refractories over claims of wrongful termination and deprivation of necessary medical benefits.

Company sues Appalachian Piping Products, alleging failure to pay for goods

By Annie Hunt | Jan 12, 2016

GLENVILLE – A Connecticut company is suing a Glenville company over claims that it never received full payment for goods delivered.

Man claims conspiracy and fraud caused wrongful termination from Frontier Communications

By Annie Hunt | Jan 8, 2016

WHEELING – A man claims he was wrongfully forced out of work with Frontier Communications through a litany of conspiracy, slander and fraud charges.

Man blames Gooddeal Properties for icy lot that allegedly caused him to fall

By Annie Hunt | Jan 8, 2016

BECKLEY – A resident of Fayette County claims he suffered severe injuries when he fell on an icy surface on the premises of Gooddeal Properties.

Couple blames Jeep manufacturer for damaged vehicle

By Annie Hunt | Jan 8, 2016

BECKLEY – A Raleigh couple seeks restitution for an allegedly defective Jeep Grand Cherokee that they claim the manufacturer failed to properly repair.

Resident accuses Laurelwood of negligent hiring, claims employee sexually harassed her

By Annie Hunt | Jan 8, 2016

LOGAN – A resident of Logan County charges Laurelwood LTD with failing to provide safe housing by continuing to employ a man who allegedly sexually harassed her.

Man claims town of Sophia fired him for disability

By Annie Hunt | Jan 7, 2016

BECKLEY – A Raleigh County man claims he was wrongfully terminated by the town of Sophia for a disability that kept him from performing job duties outside his abilities.

Woman seeks compensation after falling on wet floor at West Liberty University

By Annie Hunt | Jan 6, 2016

WHEELING – A Weirton woman demands compensation for injuries sustained in a fall at West Liberty University, alleging hazardous conditions caused her to permanently injure herself.

Ethel man demands coverage after school bus collision

By Annie Hunt | Jan 6, 2016

LOGAN – A Logan County man claims he is entitled to uninsured motorist coverage after a collision with a school bus operated by an allegedly negligent driver.

Fayette Co. couple sues city of Oak Hill to resolve sewage issue allegations

By Annie Hunt | Jan 6, 2016

FAYETTEVILLE – A Fayette County couple is suing the city of Oak Hill for allegedly neglecting its responsibility as a public service district to provide water and sewage services to citizens.

Ohio man sues Murray American Energy over on-site injuries, alleges negligence

By Annie Hunt | Jan 6, 2016

MOUNDSVILLE – An Ohio man claims he suffered severe injuries when he fell in an allegedly hazardous parking lot at a coal mining facility.

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