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Woman claims neighbor, Laroche Tree Service removed tree that was on her property

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 7, 2019

WHEELING – A woman is seeking damages following a tree removal that she did not permit.

Woman claims she lost job after reporting medical fraud

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 4, 2019

A woman is seeking damages against a health care company, alleging that she lost her job after being told to commit medical fraud and reporting it.

For Richard Lindsay, law and medicine became one passion, one career

By Carrie Bradon | Feb 19, 2019

For Dr. Richard Lindsay of Tabor, Lindsay & Associates, pursuing a career in law merged two of his passions: medicine and legal work.

Warner's love for law started as a child, remains strong to this day

By Carrie Bradon | Feb 14, 2019

Since he was a child, Bobby Warner knew he wanted to practice law, as his father’s career was always interesting and attractive.

WVU introduces legal certification for energy sector

By Carrie Bradon | May 9, 2018

MORGANTOWN -- West Virginia University is introducing a legal certification class on title research for students who are graduating and are interested in continuing their career in the energy sector.

Circuit judge shares what it's like to sit in on state Supreme Court

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 3, 2018

CHARLESTON -- Occasionally, the Chief Justice of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals has to appoint a current circuit judge or a former Supreme Court justice to hear a case when a justice recuses himself or herself from hearing a case.

WVU professor of law elected into the American Law Institute

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 4, 2016

In a recent election by the American Law Institute, Vincent Cardi, a West Virginia University College of Law professor was chosen to be part of the institute.

Former coal miner seeks damages after alleged breach of contract from insurance provider

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 16, 2016

PINEVILLE – A retired coal miner is seeking damages following an incident in which he alleges that the terms of his life insurance policy were breached.

Man sues WV Motor Sales alleging retaliation over workers' compensation filing

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 5, 2016

CHARLESTON – A man is suing his employer after he alleges he was retaliated against and unfairly terminated because he sought workers' compensation.

Applebee's worker says she was victim of sexual hostility

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 4, 2016

CHARLESTON – A woman in seeking compensation after she claims she was not protected from sexual hostility in the workplace.

Man accuses CAMC of negligence in woman's death

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 4, 2016

CHARLESTON – A man is suing the Charleston Area Medical Center following the death of his decedent, alleging that the center was negligent in failing to provide the medical attention required.

Man claims he was fired for requesting workers' compensation

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 4, 2016

CHARLESTON – A man is suing his employer after her claims he was fired because of his request for workers' compensation.

Women sue Community Action of South Eastern West Virginia, alleging unlawful termination

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 4, 2016

PRINCETON – Two women are suing their former place of employment after they allege that the company participated in unethical business practices and fired them after reporting it.

Thomas Memorial Hospital sued over negligence claims after woman's death

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 4, 2016

CHARLESTON – A Scott Depot woman is suing the Herbert J. Thomas Memorial Hospital over claims that a Kanawha County woman's death could have been prevented.

Kroger allegedly to blame for woman's injuries in fall

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 3, 2016

LOGAN — A woman is suing a national grocery chain after she allegedly tripped over a protruding object in one of its stores and fell.

Rabel Development blamed for flood damage to woman's home

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 3, 2016

CHARLESTON — A woman is suing a development company over damages caused by a flood, and the allegedly negligence of the corporation to repair and prevent such problems.

State Electric Supply named in alleged sexual harassment case

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 3, 2016

CHARLESTON — A man is suing a local electrical supply company after he allegedly was sexually harassed while working for the business.

Former employee alleges Save-A-Lot violated Human Rights Act

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 3, 2016

CHARLESTON — A woman is suing a local grocery chain after she suffered a workplace incident, which allegedly resulted in her being discriminated against and ultimately terminated.

WVU physician allegedly negligent in patient's death

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 3, 2016

CHARLESTON — A woman is suing a physician and his employer, alleging that his negligence to recognize her husband's severe and unstable condition caused his death.

Thomas Memorial Hospital allegedly negligent in slip-and-fall case

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 3, 2016

CHARLESTON — A woman is suing a South Charleston hospital, alleging negligence, after she encountered a slippery substance that caused her to fall.  

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