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Motorist sues Nationwide Insurance, alleging contract breach

By Philip Gonzales | Mar 6, 2019

NEW CUMBERLAND — A man is suing Nationwide Insurance Company of America, citing alleged breach of insurance policy after his vehicle was struck by an uninsured driver.

Customer sues after falling in Chester Sparkle parking lot

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Feb 22, 2019

A customer is suing a grocery store, citing alleged negligence.

Customer alleges Dollar General's negligence led to fall, injuries

By Philip Gonzales | Aug 8, 2018

NEW CUMBERLAND — A Weirton man is suing Dollar General, alleging negligence led to the plaintiff sustaining injuries.

Ridgetop Capital claims it owns oil, gas rights of Wetzel Co. property, not Antero Resources

By Bree Gonzales | Jul 13, 2018

WHEELING – A limited liability partnership is seeking declaration from a court regarding who is the proper owner of oil and gas rights on a Wetzel County property.

Estate executor alleges illegal changes to insurance policy

By Philip Gonzales | Jun 14, 2018

NEW CUMBERLAND — An estate executor is suing an insurer and an individual, alleging breach of duty.

Weirton motorist sues driver, Geico over crash

By Philip Gonzales | Jun 14, 2018

WHEELING — A Weirton woman is suing a driver and Geico Insurance, alleging negligence and breach of contract.

Ridgetop Capital seeks declaration in dispute with Antero Resources

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Jun 1, 2018

NEW MARTINSVILLE – A limited partnership is seeking a declaration regarding a dispute over oil and gas ownership of a Wetzel County property.

New Cumberland couple alleges State Farm wrongfully denied coverage

By Lhalie Castillo | Feb 28, 2018

NEW CUMBERLAND – A New Cumberland couple allege their insurer acted in bad faith by denying coverage of their claim.

Motorist seeks damages from Kang Trucking, driver after I-70 collision

By Lhalie Castillo | Feb 21, 2018

WHEELING – A Pennsylvania man is seeking damages after his vehicle was rear-ended on Interstate 70 in Wheeling by a tractor-trailer.

Mother alleges Little Bear Daycare of Wellsburg's negligence caused toddler's injuries

By Lhalie Castillo | Feb 14, 2018

NEW CUMBERLAND – A Weirton mother has filed suit against a Wellsburg daycare facility after her then 2-year-old son was injured while in its care.

Wheeling man alleges he fell at McDonald's because of hazardous condition

By Lhalie Castillo | Feb 1, 2018

WHEELING – A patron of a Wheeling fast food restaurant alleges he was injured because of hazardous condition.

Woman seeks damages from Hancock school board after bus driver strikes her in school parking lot

By Philip Gonzales | Jan 1, 2018

NEW CUMBERLAND – A Chester woman has filed suit against a school bus driver and a school board after she was allegedly injured when she was struck by the driver in a Chester elementary school parking lot.

Customer alleges Comcast cable caused fire at house

By Philip Gonzales | Dec 6, 2017

NEW CUMBERLAND – A New Cumberland woman alleges the improper installation of a cable wire in her home caused a fire.

Woman seeks damages after hammock incident at K-Mart

By Kyla Asbury | Aug 3, 2017

WHEELING – A woman is suing Sears after she claims she was injured when she went to get in a hammock at K-Mart.

Woman says son was burned by swallowing Dollar Tree night light battery

By Chris Dickerson | May 31, 2017

NEW CUMB​ERLAND – An Ohio woman claims her four-year-old son suffered a severe burn when he swallowed a lithium battery from a Dollar Tree night light.

Hancock County driver blames Ohio company for crash injuries

By Wadi Reformado | May 31, 2017

NEW CUMBERLAND — A Hancock County man is suing an Ohio company and driver, alleging their negligence caused a crash.

Physician sues Weirton Medical Center for breach of contract

By Kyla Asbury | May 30, 2017

WHEELING – A physician is suing Weirton Medical Center after he claims it breached its contract with him when it terminated his employment with no notice.

Oil, gas rights property owner accuses leasehold interest owner of trespassing

By Philip Gonzales | May 9, 2017

NEW MARTINSVILLE — An oil and gas rights property owner is suing a leasehold interest owner, alleging trespassing.

Oil well worker blames energy companies for injuries

By Mike Torres | May 8, 2017

WEST UNION — A Pennsylvania man is suing a mining corporation, alleging a hostile work environment and negligence in failing to prevent injuries.

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