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Wheeling couple alleges Westfield Insurance failed to pay for crash damages

WHEELING — A Wheeling couple is suing an insurance company, alleging an unfair claims settlement.

Man alleges State Police officers used excessive force, caused broken neck

CHARLESTON – A Wayne County man alleges he suffered a broken neck because of an excessive use of force by West Virginia State Police officers.

Cyclist alleges unmarked speed bump at Stonewall Resort caused him to be thrown from bike

ELKINS – A Pittsburgh man alleges he was injured while riding his bicycle at a Roanoke property because of an unmarked speed bump.

Widow files wrongful death suit against VEP Healthcare, physician

HUNTINGTON – A widow alleges her late husband's acute coronary syndrome was not diagnosed by a physician and has filed a wrongful death suit.

MiraMed Revenue Group alleged to have invaded Kenova man’s privacy with calls

HUNTINGTON – A Kenova consumer alleges his privacy has been invaded by a debt collector.

Man alleges he was injured when Milton police cruiser struck another vehicle

HUNTINGTON – A Huntington man alleges he was injured when the police vehicle he was in was involved in a collision.

Former Cabell Huntington Hospital patient says she was given excessive dose of insulin

HUNTINGTON – A Cabell County woman alleges she had to be admitted to a hospital's intensive care unit after given an excessive dose of insulin by staff.

Suit claims care at Huntington Health and Rehab contributed to patient’s death

HUNTINGTON – A Mechanicsburg woman alleges that her late mother was subjected to infection and other issues while under the care of a nursing home.

Woman says she was fired by Dutch Miller Chevrolet because of pregnancy

HUNTINGTON – A Scott Depot woman alleges she was wrongfully terminated from her job because of pregnancy.

Man seeks damages from Huntington after falling on sidewalk

HUNTINGTON – A man alleges the condition of a sidewalk in Huntington caused him to fall and is seeking damages.

Prestera Center allegedly owes more than $20,000 for goods

HUNTINGTON – A Huntington corporation is alleged to have failed to pay for goods it purchased on credit.

Quality Drug Testing alleged to have invaded man's privacy during drug testing

BECKLEY – A Raleigh County man alleges that his privacy was invaded during a random drug test.

Bluefield officer alleges state trooper was traveling faster than 100 mph before collision

PRINCETON – A Bluefield police officer is suing West Virginia State Police and a state trooper after he was injured by the trooper while performing a traffic stop.

WVVA Television alleges Arizona man owes more than $4,000 over contract breach

PRINCETON – An Arizona man is alleged to have breached a talent agreement with a Bluefield television station.

Little General Store alleged to have served alcohol to driver involved in fatal crash

BECKLEY – A Fayette County woman is seeking damages from an Oak Hill store for allegedly serving alcohol to an intoxicated man who later caused the death of another individual.

Klear alleged to owe more than $16,000 to South Carolina business

WHEELING – A Wheeling company is alleged to be indebted to a South Carolina company.

El Mariachi allegedly owes more than $140,000 in rent

BECKLEY – A restaurant is alleged to have defaulted on the terms of a lease for a space at the Crossroads Mall.

Construction Services alleges Makor K9 owes more than $26,000

BECKLEY – A Raleigh County business is seeking to enforce a mechanic's lien it filed against another business and individual.

Woman allege she is owed coverage from State Farm for auto accident injuries

NEW CUMBERLAND – A Weirton woman alleges she is entitled to underinsured motorist benefits from an insurance company over injuries she received in an auto accident.

Cameron property owners allege concrete floor poured by Ohio company is defective

MOUNDSVILLE – The owners of a Cameron property allege that an Ohio company they hired to pour a concrete basement floor was negligent in its construction.