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Teleworker alleges State Farm breached his severance pay

By Bree Gonzales | Dec 13, 2018

CHARLESTON — A teleworker is suing State Farm, alleging breach of a severance pay agreement.

Laborer, wife accuse employers, asbestos distributors of causing husband's lung cancer

By Bree Gonzales | Dec 12, 2018

CHARLESTON — A Sandyville husband and wife are suing dozens of asbestos distributors/suppliers/manufacturers/installers, premises owners and employers, alleging negligence, contaminated buildings, breach of express/implied warranty, strict liability, tort, conspiracy, misrepresentations by specific defendants and a post-sale duty to warn.

Raleigh County employee alleges discrimination, diminution of benefits

By Bree Gonzales | Dec 12, 2018

BECKLEY — A Raleigh County employee is suing a West Virginia public utility and the county commission, alleging violations of the West Virginia Wage Payment and Collection Act, and the West Virginia Human Rights Act.

BB&T alleges engineering services failed to provide access to property

By Bree Gonzales | Dec 11, 2018

CHARLESTON — A North Carolina banking corporation is suing an engineering and construction service, and an Elkview resident, seeking the court to order specific performance, declaratory and injunctive relief.

Nephew alleges negligence of Radiology, doctor caused aunt's death

By Bree Gonzales | Dec 9, 2018

HUNTINGTON – A Cabell County man alleges the negligence of a physician and the physician's employer led to the death of his aunt.

C.W. Coal Sales allegedly owes Raleigh Mine Industrial Supply nearly $60,000

By Bree Gonzales | Dec 9, 2018

BECKLEY – A mining products company alleges a Kentucky corporation doing business in Fayette and Raleigh counties failed to pay it for labor and supplies.

Driver seeks damages from UPS Store over Daniels collision

By Bree Gonzales | Dec 9, 2018

BECKLEY – A woman alleges she was injured in an auto accident in Daniels when a UPS Store vehicle collided with hers.

Couple claims Dollar General failed to produce video needed for evidence

By Bree Gonzales | Dec 8, 2018

A Charles Town couple is suing Dollar General, alleging negligence and intentional alteration or destruction of evidence.

National Energy Holding alleges Bluefield company owes nearly $20,000 for supplies

By Bree Gonzales | Dec 8, 2018

BECKLEY – A Beckley business alleges a Bluefield construction company failed to pay it for steel products.

Driver alleges hubcap flew off of town of Man fire truck and went through windshield

By Bree Gonzales | Dec 8, 2018

LOGAN – A Man resident alleges she was injured when a hubcap flew off of a fire engine and went through the windshield of her vehicle.

Consumer alleges calls soliciting Activator 1000 were harassing

By Bree Gonzales | Dec 8, 2018

WHEELING – An Ohio County resident alleges she has been annoyed and harassed by a company's calls selling septic tank treatment products.

Mason Co. mother alleges English teacher attacked her child

By Bree Gonzales | Dec 7, 2018

POINT PLEASANT — A Mason County mother is suing the county school board and a teacher, alleging battery, negligent hiring, supervision and retention, violation of the West Virginia Human Rights Act, reckless infliction of emotional distress and loss of filial consortium.

Estate blames Fraternal Order for death of club member

By Bree Gonzales | Dec 6, 2018

FAYETTEVILLE — An estate administrator is suing a private social club and guests, alleging negligence, battery and premises liability.

Asphalt paver allegedly owes supplier nearly $52,000

By Bree Gonzales | Dec 4, 2018

PRINCETON — A Mercer County asphalt manufacturer is suing a paving and excavating company and its agent, alleging breach of contract and fraud.

Elderly Moundsville couple accuses Colorado company of fraud

By Bree Gonzales | Nov 30, 2018

MOUNDSVILLE — An elderly Moundsville couple is suing a Colorado oil and gas company, alleging fraud and/or constructive fraud, tort of outrage, negligence unjust enrichment and breach of contract.

Service technician alleges he was terminated while injured

By Bree Gonzales | Nov 27, 2018

PRINCETON — A service technician is suing a Beckley Internet and voice products provider, alleging violation of the West Virginia Human Rights Act and breach of contract/implied contract.

Floor covering distributor alleges carpet center owes nearly $11,000

By Bree Gonzales | Nov 26, 2018

WHEELING — A Cincinnati covering distributor is suing a Wheeling carpet center, alleging breach of contract.

Locomotive engineer blames CSX Transportation for electrocution

By Bree Gonzales | Nov 26, 2018

MOUNDSVILLE — A locomotive engineer is suing a railroad operator, alleging violation of the Federal Employer's Liability Act.

Student alleges University of Charleston, former president failed to refund tuition

By Bree Gonzales | Nov 24, 2018

CHARLESTON — A student is suing a university and its former president, alleging intentional infliction of emotional distress and breach of promise.

Gutter company accuses competitors of computer crime, civil conspiracy

By Bree Gonzales | Nov 24, 2018

CHARLESTON — A South Charleston gutter and guard provider is suing a home solutions company and the plaintiff's previous employees, alleging civil conspiracy and computer crime and abuse.

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