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Logan company sues welding business, alleging unpaid credit balance

LOGAN -- A Michigan-based company is suing a welding business, alleging full payment from a credit account balance is still unpaid.

Ravenswood business alleges unpaid bill by scrap company

RIPLEY -- A Ravenswood company is suing a scrap business for allegedly hauling away the scrap but not paying for it.

New Cumberland horse owner sues farmer following horse's death

NEW CUMBERLAND -- A horse owner is suing a farm owner after horse exerciser equipment allegedly caused injury to the plaintiff and killed his horse.

Toledo lender sues Wheeling hardware store, alleging default on loan

WHEELING -- A Toledo, Ohio, company is suing a Wheeling hardware store and its owner for allegedly defaulting on a loan.

Family sues Bluefield Regional, alleging belated heart condition diagnosis

PRINCETON -- The family of a deceased man is suing Bluefield Regional Medical Center and three of its doctors, alleging the man was diagnosed with a heart condition too late to safe his life.

Atlanta business says Fertig Cabinet failed to pay credit bill

MOOREFIELD -- An Atlanta-based business is suing a Moorefield cabinetry company, alleging an unpaid credit balance.

Weirton employee sues supervisor, alleging disclosure of disciplinary action

NEW CUMBERLAND -- An employee of the state's Department of Health and Human Services is suing his supervisor for allegedly revealing to other employees the nature of a disciplinary action against the plaintiff.

McDowell Co. woman blames Bluefield Hospital for belated diagnosis

PRINCETON -- A McDowell County woman is suing a Bluefield hospital over repeated surgeries allegedly required to fix problems that should have been diagnosed much earlier.

Couple sues Logan County landlords, alleging negligence in fall on stairs

LOGAN -- A couple is suing the owners of a Logan County rental unit after the husband allegedly fell down stairs and shattered a glass door.

Walton man sues Standard Oil, alleging wrongful termination

POINT PLEASANT -- A Walton man is suing Standard Oil, alleging it fired him for reporting unsafe working conditions.

Mercer County woman sues doctor, alleging unnecessary hip replacement

PRINCETON -- A Mercer County woman is suing a local doctor and his practice, alleging they performed an unnecessary hip replacement.

Romney man sues construction company, driver

ROMNEY -- A Romney man is suing a construction company after allegedly being rear-ended by a vehicle driven by a man working for the company.

BB&T sues Mercer Co. businesswomen, alleging unpaid loan

PRINCETON -- A North Carolina-based bank is suing a Mercer County business and its owners to collect an alleged outstanding property loan.

Wheeling construction firm appeals state order for job sites posting

MOUNDSVILLE -- A Wheeling construction company is appealing the state's decision to make it post a wage bond before taking any more work.

Parkersburg insurance company sues roofing business

POINT PLEASANT -- An insurance company that insured roofing work allegedly done under standards is suing the roofing business for its cost of having a new roof installed.

Wheeling nurse sues Reynolds Hospital, alleging wrongful termination

MOUNDSVILLE -- A Wheeling nurse is suing her former employer, alleging it terminated her after a series of workplace injuries.

Insurer sues Hampsire Co. heating system installer

ROMNEY -- Farmers and Mechanics Mutual Insurance Co. is suing the maker and installer of a heating system that allegedly caused lightning to set a home ablaze.

Mercer Co. man sues Bluefield police force, city

PRINCETON -- A Mercer County man is suing the city of Bluefield and its police force, alleging brutality during an arrest for charges that were ultimately dropped.

Wheeling couple accuses Yost Contracting of fraud, shoddy work

WHEELING -- A local couple is suing and contractor and subcontractors, alleging fraud and shoddy workmanship.

Man claims college, employee guilty of retaliatory harassment

MOOREFIELD -- An employee of a local college is suing the school and his supervisor, alleging retaliatory harassment after testifying at trial about previous alleged harassment.