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Man claims Met Life refused payout on life insurance policy

By Kari Valence | Feb 27, 2016

FAYETTEVILLE -- The son of a deceased woman is suing a national insurance company, alleging the company is refusing to pay life insurance benefits.

HERC Oil & Gas alleges ex-employee isn't entitled to profit-sharing benefit

By Kari Valence | Feb 27, 2016

WEST UNION – A Kentucky company is suing a former employee who lives in West Virginia over an alleged profit-sharing dispute. 

Woman claims group owes her money for late husband's property

By Kari Valence | Feb 27, 2016

HUNTINGTON — A Huntington woman claims her late husband's belongings were sold and she has yet to receive payment.

Cleaning company sued for alleged failure to make payments

By Kari Valence | Feb 26, 2016

LOGAN — A publisher of yellow-pages directories is suing a cleaning company, claiming the defendant didn't pay for thousands of dollars worth of advertising.

City of Weirton sued for alleged fall injuries

By Kari Valence | Feb 26, 2016

NEW CUMBERLAND — A man from Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, is suing the City of Weirton for injuries he allegedly sustained at community center.

Man whose wife died sues hospital, doctor

By Kari Valence | Feb 26, 2016

FAYETTEVILLE — An Oak Hill man is suing a hospital and doctor, claiming his late wife's death is due to the defendants' negligence.

Woman claims she was fired while seeking treatment for migraines

By Kari Valence | Feb 24, 2016

HUNTINGTON — A woman from Scottown, Ohio, is suing a Cabell County manufacturer of eye-care products, claiming the company unlawfully fired her.

Stone and gravel company sued over alleged unpaid bills

By Kari Valence | Feb 24, 2016

BECKLEY — An equipment company is suing a stone and gravel operation, claiming the defendant has failed to pay for equipment, service and parts.

Woman sues City of Huntington for alleged injury

By Kari Valence | Feb 24, 2016

HUNTINGTON — An Alum Creek woman is suing the City of Huntington, claiming she was injured while walking along a neglected sidewalk.

Woman sues former employer for alleged age discrimination

By Kari Valence | Feb 23, 2016

LOGAN — A Logan woman claim her age was the reason she was fired from a Unilin North America plant.

Medexpress Urgent Care sued over negligence claims after woman fell on ice

By Kari Valence | Jan 8, 2016

BECKLEY – A Raleigh County woman is suing a Beckley urgent care clinic for injuries allegedly sustained on its property.

Woman sues doctor over allegations that post-operative injuries were preventable

By Kari Valence | Jan 7, 2016

BECKLEY – A Raleigh County woman claims a doctor's negligence led to permanent injuries.

Man claims he was injured by faulty oxygen tank, sues manufacturer, supplier

By Kari Valence | Jan 7, 2016

BECKLEY – A Raleigh County man is suing a manufacturer and supplier of oxygen tanks after suffering serious injuries when his tank allegedly malfunctioned.

Iskcon claims equipment failure, sues Georgia company

By Kari Valence | Jan 7, 2016

MOUNDSVILLE – A Georgia tank liner company is being sued by a Moundsville company over allegations of equipment failure.

Woman accuses Kroger of negligence, claims she was injured by store's automatic doors

By Kari Valence | Jan 7, 2016

PRINCETON – A Lashmeet woman is suing a grocery store claiming she was injured by the store's automatic doors.

Blue Racer Midstream sued by employee over age discrimination allegations

By Kari Valence | Jan 6, 2016

MOUNDSVILLE – An employee is suing Blue Racer Midstream claiming he was victim of workplace bullying and that his age was a factor.

Chafin Clear Cutting sues Stollings Trucking for hundreds of thousands in back pay allegedly owed

By Kari Valence | Dec 17, 2015

LOGAN – A trucking company being sued over its alleged failure to pay more than $100,000 for work completed.

Patron blames Fountain Place Wal-Mart for injuries

By Kari Valence | Dec 15, 2015

LOGAN -- A woman is suing Wal-Mart for injuries sustained at its Fountain Place store.

Man sues Glen Ravin Technical Fabrics claiming he was fired because of his diabetes

By Kari Valence | Dec 15, 2015

LOGAN – An Omar man claims his employer unlawfully fired him because of his diabetes.

Couple claims American Modern Home Insurance Co. failed to pay full coverage

By Kari Valence | Dec 15, 2015

LOGAN – A Logan County couple claims its insurance company failed to pay the full due amount for a claim.

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